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Innovative Wine Education

With over 20 years experience in the wine industry, our experienced expert oenologue provides unparalleled education on all aspects of wine production, grape growing, and wine appreciation in an outstanding Swiss setting. All that combined with a top-class spa hotel, the wine-makers dinner and Swiss cultural excursions.

Gain advanced beginner knowledge on the wine business and benefit from an introduction into the world of wine. A wonderful opportunity for learners of all ages (16+), as well as those who would like to advance into further wine studies, sommelier studies or hotel schools in Switzerland and worldwide. 


The unique Wine Education course touches on a wide range of subjects including: chemistry, biology, geography and climates, history, environmental systems, economics, business management, ecology and geology.

​Gain a broad and comprehensive base of viti- and vinicultural educational learning, spanning a wide variety of subjects. Divide your time between a blend of classroom learning and practical experience in the vineyards and winery. Go beyond simple wine-tasting! Dive deeper into wine knowledge and expand your understanding of the following:​

  • Grape varieties and grape-growing regions

  • Grape growing principles

  • Grape sampling and analysis

  • ​Vinification techniques - How wine is made

  • Wine technology

  • Types and styles of wines

  • The ageing processes; barreling and choice of barrels

  • Filtration and bottling​

  • Storage information of wines

  • Wine appreciation, food and wine pairings​

  • Sales, marketing and branding

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