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Making Wine

Life is about learning

Step into a world where passion for wine and the spirit of community blend into a unique learning experience. At our vineyard and winery, we offer learning opportunities that allow you to immerse yourself in the art and science of winemaking, from the soil to the glass.

Whether you're pruning vines under the gentle morning sun, harvesting grapes with laughter and camaraderie, or finding out about the delicate processes of fermentation and bottling, each moment is a chance to learn and contribute to the creation of exquisite wines.

Seize the opportunity to not only gain insider knowledge of viticulture and oenology but also enjoy the fruits of their labor with exclusive tastings that celebrate the harvest and the seasons of the vine. Join in this rewarding journey where every hand helps, every heart connects, and every bottle tells a story of teamwork, tradition, and the timeless pleasure of wine.

Experience the satisfaction of contributing to a sustainable, thriving ecosystem that cherishes the earth and its bounty. Welcome to a place where your time and talents are valued, where the air is filled with the promise of fine wine, and where every student becomes part of the extended winery family.


**For IB students, this course also offers the possibility to gain valuable hours towards your Creativity Service and Action portfolio . The course can also be combined with expert Extended Essay supervision to make significant inroads into the Extended Essay process**

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